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We Focus on building Strong, Intuitive and Dynamic Sites.

Host A Vision is a group of graphic designers, writers, and media developers. We started as network marketers in 2005, operating an autoresponder business and working with live internet broadcasting. We discovered to have an online presence you need a domain and a host. We have helped hundreds of people with their first step online. Host A Vision provides a flexible platform for your hosting needs. We install essential plugins to work with lightening fast WordPress theme and popular drag-and-drop editor on the market.

We offer training sessions online, showing you how to set up your website correctly using our framework. You will have full control of your content, which means you can work freely within your project. Our recommended templates allow for easy development of your product, business, and services.

If you want us to customize your website, we will do this for you from start to finish.

Stanley F. Jackowski / Founder